• Internal medicine, also know as adult general medicine, is focused on diagnosing and treating medical conditions as well as prevention. It is composed of the various body systems, including cardiology, pulmonary, neurology, gastro-intestinal etc.

    Dr. Clarfield is on staff at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center and Mission Community Hospital where he continues his personalized care for the more acutely ill of his patients in the hospital setting.

    His office services and procedures include:
    Exercise Treadmill testing
    Laboratory testing
    Pulmonary function tests
    Bone density testing
    Addiction medicine
    In-office ultra sound testing
    Facial rejuvenation procedures including facial fillers, botox and removal of skin growths.

    Dr. Clarfield is also certified in opiate withdrawal treatment.

    Dr. Clarfield’s brand of internal medicine encompasses many Alternative and Integrative therapies.
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